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5 Essential Blues Boxes

You’ll never sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan using blues scales. That’s because he didn’t study or play scales to get his sound. He studied and played licks. There’s a big difference.

Many of the licks he played can be captured in 5 simple shapes. They’re not scales, just guidelines. This is a shortcut (and it’s not for everyone) but if you can’t make your scales sound great, you might be working too hard.

Customer Testimonials

Within about 2 weeks I was 143% better at playing the blues. Anthony’s approach to training is…well, approachable. Instant success with a little practice, easy to understand and see the end goal without having to deal with weird lingo and the fear of having to do ALL the exercises that don’t sound like music.

Vance Brison , Years Playing: 20+

If you’re looking for the answers, you’ll find them here. It’s labeled “essential” for a reason. It is. These are the secrets to unlocking the blues inside you.

Beth Isbell , Musician, Music College Student , Years Playing: 14

Got it on DVD. Very good explanation on how they all tie together and the print out for each key is great when you are soloing to a backing track. You just open the page to the key you are playing in and it really helps you see the entire fretboard to move in and out of boxes rather than have to work your way up and down. Great product.

Nick Vespa , Years Playing: 20 on, 20 off, 3 back on

These lessons really helped me with my soloing. Very detailed and thorough. I am forever grateful for having stumbled upon Anthony and on YouTube. I will definitely be getting more lessons in the future. I have been a SRV fan and disciple since I started playing in 1989. (Even have a tattoo of SRV in the middle of my back) I have not found a better, more detailed and explanatory teacher of Stevie’s music and style than Anthony. Thank you, sir! You are a blessing to Stevie fans!

Keith Powers , Cable Splicing Technician , Years Playing: 23

This was designed for me. My ability to “Hang” with other blues players completely doubled. I immediately started looking at other lessons. Love this.

Collin Wynne , IT Analyst; Guitarist on the side , Years Playing: 10

Even if you’re not only interested in blues, you have to know about the 5 Essential Blues Boxes. They are directly linked with the pentatonic scale, but in an immediate effective way to make them sound musically. You will also understand what gives Stevie or Albert King their particular sound in their licks.

Thibaud Francois , Years Playing: 4

Five Essential Blues Boxes allows you to easily understand the Pentatonic scales and how they interact with each other and allows you to master the full fretboard a lot quicker than the methods taught back in the 1960’s when I started. Great job.

Larry Arszman , Years Playing: 40

This is a must have for any aspiring Blues guitarist. This took my Blues playing to the next level instantly. For years I had been stuck in the Minor Pentatonic patterns. The Blues Boxes will break you out of this and allow you to play those sweet major licks.

Jeff Wall , Social Worker/Musician , Years Playing: 13

After watching Anthony’s free videos for many months I finally picked up a number of his lessons. The 5 Essential Blues Boxes were the very first (I believe) and I am still digesting the plethora of information. It really helped me to visualize where I could go when playing over the chord in the progression. Awesome amount of very detailed information. The over the neck POV is really, really helpful.

Scott I , Years Playing: 3

Outstanding lessons. Would recommend to all!

John Donnelly , Guitar works, repairs and lessons , Years Playing: 30+

This is a great course for beginner to intermediate guitar players. Very easy to understand and the presentation is very understandable. The video is very nice and there are several close ups. If you want to learn the blues scales, this is for you.

Russ Miller , Years Playing: 39

Great information! I was very happy with this lesson both from the quality of the material and the way the lesson was introduced and communicated. I like the way you get rhythm tracks, a HD video lesson and a PDF tablature. Very much worth the amount spent.

Craig C , Years Playing: 18

This was my first lesson that I bought and my first, “OOOOHHH!” moment that I’ve had in a while. I always knew the Boxes, but didn’t know how to use them nor apply them. This connected many dots in my playing. This series is simple, to-the-point, and a must have if you want to play blues!

Kevin Izquierdo , Session Musician, Carpentry , Years Playing: 3

I thought these lessons were awesome! When you compare Anthony’s price of teaching you HOURS of material that you have to review over and over and over again to that of a guitar teacher, you see the real savings and value you’re getting here. At the time, I had absolutely no experience with music at all. That’s why I really enjoyed Anthony’s approach to music and guitar as a geometric pattern verses scales. A great series if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about music but still want to play blues!

Nick Duggan , Years Playing: 4

Great lesson group. I’ve followed StevieSnacks for several years and have admired the progression not only in the content and the presentation but I’ve also seen Anthony improve along the way. He practices what he teaches. The lessons are quality and you can apply them immediately to your playing. Congratulations to you Anthony for an excellent site. You’ve set a standard for other blues instructors.

John Karas , UWM Polive Dept. , Years Playing: Off and on for 40 years

This was my first purchase from StevieSnacks and started me well on my way to a better understanding of the music I love.

Scotty Huffman , Luthier , Years Playing: 30

This course really helped my solo’s. It makes perfect sense and is easy to grasp. This course gave me a reason and road map to my blues solo’s.

Bill Hulin , Years Playing: 4

As a beginner on guitar at the age of 50, the blues box concept was a little difficult to grasp but Anthony’s teaching style made it clear and easy to grasp. Still practicing in the blues boxes every day.

Dale Wheeler , Packaging Distribution Sales , Years Playing: 3

Very informative and useful. This lesson is where things really start to make sense.

Bob D , DOD Tactical Systems , Years Playing: 1

For a beginning to intermediate player, this Blues Boxes DVD is really great. Anthony has got the best presentation of instruction that is available, short of having him in your living room teaching you in person.

Bill Westbrook , Years Playing: 3

Through this and other free lessons from Anthony I have learned enough blues to make a few recordings of my own at very little cost. The free videos and explanations are of the highest quality.

Ian Robertson , Retired Pipeline Welder , Years Playing: 5

Even after playing guitar for years, the Essential Blues Boxes was a revelation on allowing me to quickly and easily visualize where I can play on the fretboard and craft licks relevant to each box. Soloing in any key became so much easier and sour notes became a thing of the past.

Scott Olson , Sales Engineer , Years Playing: 20

Fantastic collection that leads through simple to understand and apply 5 lead boxes. With each of these boxes, or with joined boxes, you can create simple but amazing professional lead patterns. Uses the slow to faster playing modes so you can readily grasp how to sound really good, with little effort. This is a a goldmine of ideas and riffs. Also provides a tool to analyze and learn any new solo yourself. Get a key and use the boxes. Super simple to learn and apply.

Chuck Woodall , Professional Musician , Years Playing: 50

My 12 year old son loves your lessons! We bought the 5 boxes from you and he is doing amazing with them.


I have been playing for 5 yrs and I love the blues…after checking out some free stuff I have purchased The Essential Blues Boxes and Blues Licks series plus the Blues Stomp lesson. My playing is improving faster than ever before.


I just wanted to say thank you for your help. For months I’ve been fiddling around YouTube teaching myself the blues, then I decided to finally check your site because I came upon your videos so many times which made everything easier to understand and ended up purchasing the 5 essential blues boxes. My biggest problem is doing the same licks over and over. I have a hard time switching between boxes or understanding how to switch. Needless to say I am excited to learn.


You have helped me fulfill a life-long dream of learning to play blues guitar. Just a few nights sitting in front of the computer and downloading these lessons has made it possible. I’ve spent weeks trying to look up chords, watching videos of SRV…trying to figure it out, before finally stumbling upon your site. Now I’m hooked and can’t put the thing down. The Basic Blues Box lessons and PDF alone are worth $100.


I purchased your 5 Boxes Essential Licks and Blues Boxes DVDs recently. I initially bought some other material from other sources, but nothing compares to the way you explained everything and simplified it. I quickly put all those other materials away and solely concentrated on yours. Your system and course is fantastic! Literally, minutes ago, I just finished playing your 60-bar Slow Blues Trainer by memory, no less! It sounded awesome! You have changed my whole perspective on the guitar and I cannot wait to show off my new skills to everyone and continue advancing in blues. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am!!!


The five boxes concept has unlocked some fretboard secrets for me, even just from watching your free previews for the one day since I discovered your website via YouTube. I believe that after I have spent a good deal of time working with your lessons I will be able to transition positions smoothly and have continuity in my solos.


I have had lessons, books, videos, equipment, guitars, all of it. But what was missing was someone I could relate to and be the teacher I needed for me to learn. I have never been so excited in my life about the new direction my playing is going to go. I am so thankful for who you are and what you are doing. I bought your 5 Boxes and am waiting on the Essential Licks DVD to come out….you have energized me and given me true direction for accomplishing this one true passion that I have been seeking for most of my life.


I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying the lessons. You’re really helping me understand how to connect the different blues boxes. I have found the guitar hard to understand at times…your lessons are helping to simplify how it all works together.


I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job putting together the 5 Essential Blues Boxes and the 5 Boxes Essential Licks DVD Lessons. I have never seen someone actually play, teach, and then put the box, lick, and category in the upper right hand corner as you play the song. That is so helpful. It is one of the best ways I have ever seen to learn blues licks and then apply them to a song. Thank you so much!

Jason G

I know I’ve told you this in the past, but wow, your lessons are absolutely amazing. I really took my time with all your blues box lessons. When I finally finished them, everything changed. My playing, my understanding of music and ultimately, myself. Thanks, Anthony, and don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing.


Last night I downloaded your 5 Essential Blues Boxes and I want to say THANK YOU! Now I know why you get so much praise for this series. It actually makes sense! Wish I’d bought these sooner:)


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Lesson #8: The Backdoor Pattern from this series is free! Watch it above, or download it here.

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