Essentials Collection:
5 Boxes Essential Licks

This is a huge collection of blues and bluesy licks matched with my 5 Essential Blues Boxes. The licks are heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s playing. Taught in note-by-note format at a speed you can follow.

This series is a must-have for people wanting to add more licks to their arsenal. You’ll learn licks from a wide variety of song styles, expanding your vocabulary, and adding depth to your playing.

Customer Testimonials

Like every other video training from StevieSnacks, they have an enormous quality of effort in them. I think there is no easier way to learn blues improvisation. I did not regret the purchase. Highly recommended!!

Oguz Aksoy , Salesman , Years Playing: 15

I own it on dvd. Great riffs. Short, very basic variations of riffs and Anthony shows how they all tie together to build long solos. Great print out with large print. Great product.

Nick Vespa , Years Playing: 20 on, 20 off, 3 back on

This is another must have. Probably the single most important thing I took from this was the ability to say “The”. The classic 4-5-1 rake on the top strings is like saying “the” in the guitar world. I began incorporating this rake lick in all my stuff, all over the fret board. It instantly adds raw power and speed to your playing. It is the secret to ripping through those insanely fast SRV licks

Jeff Wall , Social Worker/Musician , Years Playing: 13

Frikkin’ awesome SRV Lessons! If you want to immerse yourself in Stevie’s playing this is the only place you need to go. After watching StevieSnacks, I watched a few other people attempt lessons only to find out they either went too fast or missed out on some important parts altogether, which Steviesnacks doesn’t make the mistake of doing. Other people sometimes ‘blow through’ things so that you have to rewind endless times to see what is going on. Great lessons… looking forward to lots more!

Petie Vaughan , Years Playing: 20

Tons of SRV-style licks in all five pentatonic box areas. Anthony also includes a large set of “building block” licks that can be used in various combinations to extend basic licks. Lots of great stuff here.

Craig Peterson , Professor of Molecular Medicine , Years Playing: 4

An amazing collection of licks for each box. Thoughtfully and thoroughly explained, illustrated and demonstrated from the over the neck POV. It helped me figure out one of the riffs from “While We Cry” by Kenny Wayne Sheperd. I am still digesting this information. A ton of stuff.

Scott I , Years Playing: 3

After you finish the “5 Essential Blues Boxes” series, this is a MUST HAVE! This series is like a Part 2. If you want to be a great blues player, then this should come right after you finish the” 5 boxes”. Its like the “5 Boxes Lessons” are your Shield and the “5 Boxes Licks Lessons” is your Sword. They both prepare you for the battles to come!

Kevin Izquierdo , Session Musician, Carpentry , Years Playing: 3

Even after 2 years I am still enjoying this lesson!

Dale Wheeler , Packaging Distribution Sales , Years Playing: 3

I am currently working my way through this lesson. A LOT of information is contained here. Some of the licks go by a little fast for me as I am a newbie but nothing a quick replay can’ t solve. This is a GREAT resource. Worth every penny!

Bob D , DOD Tactical Systems , Years Playing: 1

Coupled with the 5 Essential Blues Boxes, this lesson allowed me to get a jump start on soloing in any blues box and having an arsenal of licks right out of the box. These licks are great building blocks and I find myself falling back on them frequently.

Scott Olson , Sales Engineer , Years Playing: 20

I got this from Santa Claus and loved it! It showed me lots of great licks and where to play them. My playing really took off.

Sleepy Bones Allison , Grade Schooler , Years Playing: 4

I bought Essential Licks and have eagerly been looking through the info. Once again, I am not disappointed, this is serious value for money. It is good to see that Anthony continues his wonderfully clear demonstrations and example style to this product too. Awesome backing tracks, insightful info, and most of all…exactly what I didn’€™t know I needed! I have long enjoyed the blues style of SRV and I am stoked to say that with each lesson here from Anthony, the doors of the fingerboard are being flung open and the secrets of SRV are flowing out to me. So cool! Thanks dude. Your work is much appreciated!

Marc Erasmus , Director , Years Playing: 30

This was the first lesson I purchased and it was huge for me, particularly the licks that moved you between boxes. It got me out of a rut in my playing. Plus I started to notice and practice the licks on recorded songs and use the same principles.

Ben Bassak , Art Director , Years Playing: 2.5

This expands on the first 5 boxes to show exactly what type licks might be created in each box. But shows a diverse collection of actual licks. Ones you can copy and play to enhance your playing super quick. Just seeing what might be played in the 5 boxes gives you instant ideas on new licks you too can create yourself.

Chuck Woodall , Professional Musician , Years Playing: 50

I have played for years, but never considered myself a lead player. As I used these lessons, I realized that much of what I’d studied on my own over the years are right here, but are presented in a fresh way that turned scales into meaningful soloing ideas. It took me years of study to find the essential boxes, the bb box, and albert box, so if you don’t know about them, get the essential blues boxes and fretboard too, but for me, this was choked full of essential ideas that might be found elsewhere, but not in the usable form found here.

Gary Sizemore , Retired Fire Captain , Years Playing: 40+

I just bought the entire “Essential Licks” set and all I can say is WOW! I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, on lessons, books, dvds, etc…however, my playing and technique has improved more in the last few days of watching your videos than it has in a long time. You have a special aptitude for teaching. The way you present the material has helped me conceptualize more than any other DVD, book, YouTube video, etc… Please keep it up.


I purchased the Essential Fretboard and Essential Licks package from you back at Christmas time and have been THRILLED with the progress I have made….It all came together for me this morning….it was amazing to see the connections come together after all these years. I can’t thank you enough.

Ed R.

I have been playing for 5 yrs and I love the blues…after checking out some free stuff I have purchased The Essential Blues Boxes and Blues Licks series plus the Blues Stomp lesson. My playing is improving faster than ever before.


I really like the way you teach. I’ve spent many years messing around with the guitar and mostly stuck to learning from tab books. I can fumble along a half way decent version of Little Wing but if you ask me to do a simple improv solo over a basic 12 bar blues…I’m lost. Your blues licks lesson finally inspired me to put down the tab books and focus on learning how to play some blues rather then just memorize songs.


I have been lucky to have a good job and be able to buy any piece of guitar equipment I have ever wanted. Tens of thousands of dollars later I spent 55 dollars on your lesson “5 Boxes Essential Licks.” The 55 dollars I spent are as important to me as the tens of thousands I’ve spent on gear. I have always had fast fingers and a passion for guitar/blues. Your dvd’s have taken those fast fingers and given them much more direction. I can’t thank you enough for being such a great teacher/player.

Daniel W.

I purchased your 5 Boxes Essential Licks and Blues Boxes DVDs recently. I initially bought some other material from other sources, but nothing compares to the way you explained everything and simplified it. I quickly put all those other materials away and solely concentrated on yours. Your system and course is fantastic! Literally, minutes ago, I just finished playing your 60-bar Slow Blues Trainer by memory, no less! It sounded awesome! You have changed my whole perspective on the guitar and I cannot wait to show off my new skills to everyone and continue advancing in blues. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am!!!


I received Essential Licks yesterday. Not to go overboard but I believe you may be the best teacher of this style I have ever seen. I’ve been playing for forever. Variety of styles…but have never really been satisfied with my Blues. Now I understand where the holes were in my playing. Thank you very much.


I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job putting together the 5 Essential Blues Boxes and the 5 Boxes Essential Licks DVD Lessons. I have never seen someone actually play, teach, and then put the box, lick, and category in the upper right hand corner as you play the song. That is so helpful. It is one of the best ways I have ever seen to learn blues licks and then apply them to a song. Thank you so much!

Jason G

Free Lesson Previews

These previews will show you every lick taught in each lesson with some samples of the teaching.

Bonus Trainer

To help you apply the licks taught in this series, I created a slow blues trainer video consisting entirely of licks from this series. When you purchase the series, you get a downloadable version of the video with all the tabs compiled into one document for all the licks used.

Organized Presentation

5 Boxes Essential Licks

With over 150 licks taught, you don’€™t have to worry about getting lost. The licks are neatly organized into categories within each lesson and there’€™s always a overlay on the video so you know which one is being taught.

Never Lose Your Place

5 Boxes Essential Licks

Chapter markers in each video mark the beginning of each lick’€™s segment. This allows you to instantly find your way back to the last lick you worked on. DVD customers can simply use the next/previous buttons to skip between licks.

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