I have never had as much fun playing through an amp as I have the Samamp VAC 40 Series 2. It is my primary amp and I love it. The way Sam has designed the overdrive channel and the unique foot switch with volume rollback allows you to have an incredibly flexible set up that is usable with almost no pedals at all.

What I Like About It

  • Insanely tweakable, tons of control over your tone
  • Brilliant clean channel
  • VAC circuit, great tone from 4 to 40 watts
  • Unique, gritty gain channel
  • Cleverly designed footswitch with volume rollback option

How I Use It

  • More like, how don’t I use it? I use it for everything I can.

Buy It If...

  • You want a 2 channel, Fender-style boutique amp that provides great tone at any volume level.
  • You like nice things built by great people.

Gear Videos

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